Wheel Designs

Select your desired wheel design from the drop down menu. Most wheel designs have the same cost per diameter unless selecting a directional design in a staggered fitment or staggered concave. These fitments will see an increase of $200 on the set due to each center being individual at that point.

Wheel Widths

Wheels in widths 8.5″ to 11.0″ wide per diameter are the same price. Wheels running widths 11.5″ to 13.0″ per diameter are $100 additional per wheel.


Select your desired finishing options. Each mononblock wheel allows for one finishing option on the entire wheel. All current options listed are inclusive on the build.

Machining Options

Select your desired final machining options. Please note selecting center lock is not a conversion and simply an option for those with oem center locks on there vehicle from the factory.

Review Details

After selecting your shipping region if you would like to discuss build details further or proceed with an order please press “Next” and fill out the form completely. We will have a sales rep or dealer reach out to you asap.